Dan Wang is Assistant Professor of Management and (by courtesy) Sociology at Columbia Business School. He teaches the core MBA class in Strategy, an elective MBA class on Technology Strategy, and a Ph.D. seminar on Organizational Theory. His research analyzes how social networks facilitate the transfer and transformation of knowledge across group, organizational, and cultural boundaries. His main project focuses on ’reverse brain drain’, or how the return migration of skilled professionals catalyzes the flow of knowledge, practices, and technologies to different parts of the world. He has also studied entrepreneurship and reverse culture shock among returnees. In other work, he has analyzed the implications of different network patterns of venture capital investment syndication for the innovation and exit performance of portfolio firms. Using similar approaches, he has also developed a line of research toward an organizational understanding of social protest outcomes, using network relationships across social movement actors and organizations to predict innovation, knowledge sharing, and tactical choices across activist groups. Finally, methodologically, he has contributed to the understanding of statistical methods for quantifying peer influence and information cascades in the social networks formed by massive online communities. His work has been published in Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Social Networks, and Theory and Society. He has also contributes to practitioner oriented publications such as Strategy+Business. His work has also been cited in CNN Money and the Wall Street Journal. His research has also been recognized with awards from the Kauffman Foundation and the Academy of Management. He earned his BA from Columbia University and PhD from Stanford University.

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