AJITH AMERASEKERA | TI Fellow, Texas Instruments, Inc.


"Internet of Things: Key Technologies and Opportunities for the Semiconductor Industry"

The Internet of Things is opening up a huge application space ranging from low power to high voltage electronics. We are seeing electronic technology becoming immersive and ubiquitous, expanding into areas that have not typically used electronics before. Semiconductors are enabling more intelligent systems to be developed that allow us to maximize convenience, be more productive, and optimize the use of our natural resources. These new systems will be deployed in vast numbers distributing intelligence across the board and dramatically changing the management of our cities, buildings, personal life, health, transportation, safety and security.  The semiconductor and electronics industry has to address a number of critical challenges to make this happen.  This talk will present an overview of the technologies and highlight some of the key challenges we have to address to truly make the vision a reality.


Dr. Ajith Amerasekera is a TI Fellow and IEEE Fellow in TI’s High Performance Analog division.  After receiving his Ph.D. in 1986, he worked at Philips Research Labs, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, on the first submicron semiconductor development. He joined Texas Instruments, Dallas, in 1991 working in the VLSI Design Labs on device and circuit modeling, as well as working on new process nodes and circuit design techniques. He has focused on high speed, high datarates, and ultra low power circuit techniques for TI’s wireless products, network solutions, and digital signal processors, as well as working with SUN Microsystems on their SPARC processors implemented in TIs process technology. In 2008 he became the founding director of TI’s Kilby Research Labs where he was responsible for creating the research processes to address long-term exploration and innovation for new markets and technologies. He returned to the high performance analog business division in 2012 as the Chief Technical Officer.  Ajith has 30 issued patents, and has published over 100 papers in technical journals and conferences, as well as 4 books on integrated circuits.

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