FRANK LANE | Vice President of Technology, Qualcomm Research New Jersey


"The Role of Cellular in the Internet of Things"

Cellular wireless data communications has played a tremendous role in growth of internet connectivity to personal and mobile computing.  It has also had a significant role in machine to machine communications and the Internet of Things.  The projection for explosive growth in machine connectivity, however, poses some challenges to the existing cellular data systems.  This talk will look at some of the emerging work in the cellular systems to better accommodate the mass deployment of machine to machine communication and address some of the unique requirements of embedded wireless modems.


Frank Lane is a Vice President of Technology with Qualcomm’s New Jersey Research Center.  He began his career at Raytheon working on radar signal processing for missile guidance, then moved on to developing HDTV receivers and cable modems at Hitachi.  He joined the wireless start-up Flarion Technologies in 2000, where he led the design of physical layer and baseband chipsets for world’s first OFDMA cellular data network.  Frank joined Qualcomm when they acquired Flarion in 2006. Since then he has worked on base station chipsets for LTE and UMB, FlashlinQ device-to-device communication, and LTE-direct.  His current work is focused on low power circuits and systems for machine-to-machine communication, and future computing architecture for vehicles.

He received a BS in computer and systems engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a MS in electrical engineering from Princeton University.

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