WONSUK LEE | Vice President, Software R&D Center, Samsung Electronics


"Cloud Platform for IoT"

The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking a center stage of industry and academia. In the history of IT, it becomes one of the most interesting technical fields to watch and participate as engineers and users. From engineering standpoints, device connectivity, data storage, and information computation become even more pervasive than ever. In another, users' view point, they want straightforward ways of connecting, monitoring, controlling, and programming of the connected things - device management. In order to meet such requirements more effectively, a new generation of platform that serves users' need anywhere and anytime is primal. In this talk, we discuss the essential backend capabilities of an emerging new generation of cloud platform. This cloud platform enables IoT services by providing scalable data processing, robust storage solutions, and analytics capabilities whilst all the device management are not more difficult than turning on the wall switch.


Wonsuk Lee is a Vice President in the Software R&D Center of Samsung Electronics. He got his Ph.D. in applied mathematics from State University of New York at Stony Brook. His work focused on mathematical modeling and numerical analysis of fluid system with applications in geophysics and petroleum engineering. After his degree, Wonsuk worked at The University of Texas at Austin and IBM Research as a Postdoctoral Fellow. He joined Bell Labs as a member of technical staff in 2000 working on optical network, network optimization, communication market modeling, and data communication applications including smart grid and smart city information infrastructure. He joined Samsung Electronics in 2014 and is currently leading the Cloud Platform Team working to develop core cloud-based services and to advance cloud technologies.

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