Data Science Careers

Data Scientist Careers

The students of Columbia University’s Data Science Institute are at the forefront of their field. With backgrounds in finance, healthcare, consulting, and technology along with their rigorous interdisciplinary studies, these Master’s and Certificate students are uniquely positioned to succeed in the growing Data Science marketplace. The selectivity of the program, which has over 1,000 applicants each year, has piqued employer interest and has encouraged our partnerships with companies throughout New York, the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Chicago, DC, Boston and around the world. 

Our students pursue part-time and full-time internships throughout their studies and look to make an impact in the Data Science field upon graduation. Prospective and current students can explore the exciting variety of career services that the Data Science Institute offers. We welcome employers to check out our employer page for more information on recruiting.

Employers are encouraged to reach out to the Data Science Institute

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