DSI Director Discusses Data Science at Columbia

In the Information Age, a revolution in digital technology has produced unprecedented amounts of data as well as a corresponding need to develop new ways to analyze that data. From the information provided by medical instruments to ecological sensors that monitor pollution, big data has become a pillar of scientific exploration.   

In this video, Jeannette Wing, Avanessians Director of the Data Science Institute (DSI), discusses how hundreds of DSI researchers use data science to contend with major societal challenges. And to guide them in the ethical use of data, Wing explains, the researchers draw upon the thinking of the many humanists, social scientists and ethicists who teach at Columbia.  

Also appearing in the video are Ivan Corwin, John Cunningham, and David Madigan,who discuss their research at Columbia as well as the university’s commitment to harness data science for the good of society. The video was made in support of a university initiative called Columbia Science Commits.


--By Robert Florida

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