Executive Committee

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Jeannette Wing
Avanessians Director of Data Science Institute
and Professor of Computer Science
Tian Zheng
Associate Director for Education
and Professor of Statistics
Garud Iyengar
Associate Director of Research; Professor and Chair of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
David Blei
Director of Graduate Studies and Professor of Statistics and of Computer Science
F. Dubois Bowman
Cynthia and Robert Citrone-Roslyn and Leslie Goldstein Professor of Biostatistics and Department Chair
Richard Davis
Howard Levene Professor of Statistics and Department Chair
Ton Dieker
Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Ester Fuchs
Professor of International and Publc Affairs
George M. Hripcsak
Vivian Beaumont Allen Professor of Biomedical Informatics and
Department Chair
Costis Maglaras
David and Lyn Silfen
Professor of Business
Paul Sajda
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Radiology (Physics) and Electrical Engineering
Eric Talley
Isidor and Seville Sulzbacher Professor of Law
Chris Wiggins
Associate Professor of
Applied Mathematics
Gil Zussman
Associate Professor of
Electrical Engineering

Ex officio members:

Dean Mary C. Boyce
Mary C. Boyce
Dean of Columbia Enginering
Morris A. and Alma Schapiro Professor
Shih-Fu Chang
Senior Executive Vice Dean of Columbia Engineering
Richard Dicker Professor of Telecommunications and Professor of Computer Science
David B. Madigan
Executive Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and Professor of Statistics
Kathleen R. McKeown
Founding Director
Henry & Gertrude Rothschild Professor of Computer Science
Patricia J. Culligan
Founding Associate Director
Robert A. W. and Christine S. Carleton Professor of Civil Engineering

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