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Submitting Grant Proposals through the Data Science Institute

For assistance with identifying funding opportunities or submitting proposals through the Institute, please contact Mark Habana, Associate Director of Research and Grants Management at or (212) 853-0935 or Daniel Alicea, Associate Director of Finance and Grants Management at or (212) 854-9138.                                                  

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Helpful Information:

  • Columbia Engineering's 9-month GRA tuition rate charged to grants: $22,432 ($2492.44 monthly) effective 9/1/17-5/31/18. This is the rate used for govt grants with 60% IC and for industry grants with at least 35% IC (it represents 1/2 the full tuition rate of $44,864).
  • On-Campus Indirect Cost rate for Gov't grants: 60%
  • Off-Campus Indirect Cost Rate for Gov't grants: 26%
  • Indirect Cost Rate for all Industry/Non-Gov't grants: 35%
  • Fringe Benefit Rate for Faculty/Staff:  30.3% govt; 29.75% non-government (both rates effective 7/1/17)
  • Fringe Benefit Rate for hourly student employees (non-GRA): 8.15% for both government and non-government grants. Fringe is charged only for summer months
  • Minimum GRA stipend rate:  $37,720 per year ($3143.33/mo), effective July 1, 2017
  • For Post-docs and Officers of Research, please see salary guidelines
  • Morningside DUNS: 049179401
  • EIN: 135598093
  • NIH Salary Cap: $187,000 (effective 1/8/17)
  • NIH GRA Stipend + Tuition Cap: $47,484

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