Andrea Baccarelli, MD, PhD serves as the Environmental Health Sciences Department Chair and the Director of the Laboratory of Precision Environmental Biosciences. As an epigeneticist and board-certified clinical endocrinologist, Dr. Baccarelli’s research explores epigenetic and molecular mechanisms as potential functional pathways linking exposures to environmental pollutants to human disease. His laboratory research activities are specifically focused on epigenetics, mitochondriomics, and computational epigenomics. Dr. Baccarelli is currently the PI of multiple NIH-funded projects and since 2010, his lab has produced publications at the intersection of epigenetics, molecular epidemiology and environmental health, with one of his recent papers named Paper of the Year by Environmental Health Perspectives, the leading journal in environmental health research. Recent and ongoing projects investigate health effects from environmental exposures, including particulate air pollution, metals, Bisphenol A, phthalates, and pesticides, and common risk factors, such as psychosocial violence, second-hand smoking, and maternal diet and metabolic alterations. Dr. Baccarelli’s Laboratory has been conducting studies on the U.S. population, as well as in highly-exposed groups or special conditions of exposure at several international locations in China, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Israel, Poland, Thailand, Oman, Bulgaria, Russia, and other countries.