Aviv Landau works under the direction of Desmond Patton. He is developing an AI system that assists in the identification of child abuse and neglect in hospitals. The system is aimed to reduce racial bias in identifications and interventions of child abuse. He conducts this research with Patton and Maxim Topaz, a nursing professor and DSI member. He is also analyzing a dataset of social media photos of Black Chicago youth affiliated with local gangs. He intends to understand the meaning of friendship, grief, and social status through their posted photos and tweets to obtain a broader and new understanding of Black youth culture. Furthermore, he is involved in a natural language processing research group that explores different terms used in the press to describe white and nonwhite perpetrators of mass shootings. As associate director of SAFElab, he supervises the lab’s team of graduate students, staff, and affiliates. Prior to Columbia, he completed his Ph.D. at Haifa University. His dissertation explored interpersonal rejection among youth in online social networks. He worked for more than eight years as a social worker in Israel with adolescents from diverse and marginalized backgrounds, including immigrants, LGBTQ+ individuals, and high school students who left school before graduating. His main research goal is to explore social problems of youth by applying both qualitative and data science methods.

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