Professor Chen’s main research area is supply chain management. He has published extensively in many of the field’s top academic journals such as “Management Science” and “Operations Research.” His research has addressed issues in production/distribution planning, procurement auctions, supplier management, supply chain coordination, supply chain information sharing, incentive contracts, salesforce incentives, etc.

Professor Chen received the prestigious CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation (USA), 1997. In 2004, he received the Overseas Chinese Young Investigator Award from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. In 2005, he was appointed the Distinguished Visiting Professor by the Chinese Academy of Science. In 2006, he was named the Chang Jiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education, China.

Professor Chen held, and continues to hold, numerous leadership positions in his profession: Area Editor for Operations Research (responsible for the Manufacturing, Service, and Supply Chain Operations area), Departmental Editor for Management Science (Supply Chain Management Department), Senior Editor for Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, and Editorial Board Member of Marketing Science. In 2006, he served as the President of the Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Society in the United States (MSOM). In 2007, he founded the Overseas Chinese Scholars Association in Management Science and Engineering. He is the current President of OCSAMSE.