Miranda Spratlen is an environmental epidemiologist interested in using metabolomics analyses in infants and children as both biomarkers of exposure and disease and to provide insight on potential pathophysiological mechanisms between early life environmental exposures and subsequent health outcomes. Miranda received her BA in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. She received her Masters in Health Science, a certificate in Risk Assessment and Public Policy and her PhD in Environmental Health and Engineering from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her doctoral dissertation evaluated the intricate relationships between arsenic exposure and arsenic metabolism, one carbon metabolism and diabetes related outcomes in American Indians. Her postdoctoral work has focused on effects of prenatal environmental exposures resulting from the World Trade Center disaster. Prior to her doctoral and postdoctoral research, she worked for a combined six years in both the government (NYC Department of Environmental Protection) and one of the largest health systems in the country (Northwell Health), providing her with a unique and multidimensional perspective on environmental health research. Miranda was also a 2018 Advancing Green Chemistry Science Communication Fellow.

Miranda is working with Drs. Julie Herbstman and Ana Navas-Acien (Mailman School of Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences) on the overarching goal of identifying links between perinatal environmental exposures and early markers of disease.