Sandrine Muller is a postdoctoral fellow and computational social scientist who uses smartphone sensor data to study human behavior. She examines how mobility patterns (e.g., the places people visit, their daily routines, distance traveled, etc.) can inform our understanding of personality and mental health. Her research aims to provide a deeper theoretical understanding of these psychological phenomena, while fostering the development of personalized interventions to promote wellbeing. She works with Sandra Matz and Augustin Chaintreau on a large-scale longitudinal smartphone sensing project. Using a self-tracking app, she has collected behavioral information on thousands of smartphone users in the U.S. Her current research explores how passively collected data from the location and motion smartphone sensors can be used to detect early symptoms of depression, and provide personalized interventions for those who feel depressed. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Cambridge and has worked with companies such as Beiersdorf and Walt Disney Co. and spent a year as a visiting researcher at Stanford University before coming to Columbia.

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