Eran Tromer is an associate research scientist at Columbia University’s Computer Science Departmand, and an associate professor at Tel Aviv University’s School of Computer Science. He received his Ph.D. at the Weizmann Institute of Science, and previously pursued his research at MIT and at Microsoft Research.

His research area is cryptography and information security, focusing on risks posed by physical attacks and untrusted platforms, and on mitigating these risks using robust protocols and rigorous proofs. His work has guided government standards and industry practice, and has improved the security of widely-deployed systems.

Prof. Tromer heads the Laboratory for Experimental Information Security (LEISec), which investigates side-channel information leakage in computers through physical emanations, software behavior and networks. He cofounded SCIPR Lab, which develops cryptographic zero-knowledge SNARK proof systems for ensuring the integrity of computation conducted on untrusted, faulty and malicious platforms. He is a founding scientist of the Zcash privacy-preserving cryptocurrency.