Welcome to the Data Science Institute

Through research and education, we aim to advance the state of the art in data science, transform all fields professions and sectors through its application, and ensure the responsible use of data to benefit society.

Focus Areas

We have accelerated the pace of discovery by working on five of society’s most challenging problems.

DSI by the Numbers

2012 Year Established
400+ Current Graduate Students (Fall 2023)
1100 M.S. in Data Science Alumni (May 2023)
17 Columbia Schools, Institutes, and Colleges
29 Industry Affiliates
297 Bootcamp Participants
169 Undergraduate and Graduate DSI Scholars since Spring 2018
200+ Student Research Projects
95% Job or Internship Placement 3 months after graduation
183 Campus Connections Projects since August 2018
400+ Affiliated Faculty
11 Research Centers and Working Groups


affiliated faculty across 17 Columbia schools

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