Thank you for your interest in recruiting from our program. There are many ways for your company to connect with our exceptional students.    

DSI educates and engages graduate and certification students who are studying an interdisciplinary curriculum, including algorithms for data science, machine learning, data visualization, statistics, and probability. Our students pursue part-time and full-time internships throughout their studies and are interested in pursuing career opportunities in a variety of data science roles in many locations and industries. 

Please complete this form and we will get your post into the inboxes of current DSI students and alumni who have indicated they are interested in receiving such opportunities. We can also help collect résumés and schedule virtual interviews with your top candidates. 

Recruitment during the 2020-21 Academic Year

Please contact us to discuss virtual opportunities to connect and engage with current students and alumni during these challenging and unprecedented times. We can get you in front of the DSI talent you seek. Offered in one-hour increments, these virtual events will be hosted from late September through mid-November and from late January through the end of April (excluding spring break).

Employer Meetups 

This 90-minute networking event provides an opportunity for you to tell your story and offer insight into your field, firm, or the roles for which you are recruiting. MeetUps are organized by industry sectors and verticals and typically attract 30 to 50 current DSI students and recent graduates. 

Industry Panels 

Join us as an industry insider during one of our virtual data science industry panels. We invite industry professionals and alumni to discuss their career trajectories and inform DSI students about industry trends. 

Where are Columbia Data Science graduates now?*

● Aetna/CVS ● Amazon ● Alibaba ● Audible ● Apple ● American Express ● ASR Group ● Baidu ● BNP Paribas ● Bloomberg LP. ● ByteDance ● Braze ● ● Capital One ● Credit Suisse ● Chewy ● Columbia Business School ● Columbia University Medical Center ● Columbia INCITE ● Condé Nast ● Deloitte ● DiDi ● DoorDash ● Disney Streaming ● Dropbox ● ETSY ● Expedia ● Facebook ● Fulgent Genetics ● Google ● Grab ● Grainger ● Huawei ● HyperScience ● IBM Research ● IBM ● Intuit ● Instacart ● Johnson & Johnson ● JP Morgan ● KPMG ● Macy’s ● MeiTuan ● McKinsey ● Microsoft ● Morgan Stanley ● Mount Sinai ● Natera ● NBCUniversal ● Nielsen Global ● Oracle ● OK Cupid (IAC) ● Pepsico ● Peacock @ NBCUniversal ● Prudential ● Schlumberger ● Shopee ● State Auto Insurance ● Revelio Labs ● Symanto AI ● System2 LLc ● Startup ● Swiss Re ● TD Securities ● Tencent ● Tianyancha ● Uber ● Unilever ● Vanguard ● Waterdrop Inc. ● Walmart ● Wayfair

*A partial list as of March 2021