The DSI Scholars program matches Columbia students with opportunities to engage in data science related research projects led by Columbia faculty with the aim of fostering a collaborative data science community at the University.

This unique, interdisciplinary program allows undergraduate and master students to engage in emerging research under the mentorship of acclaimed Columbia faculty. Each term, the Data Science Institute will select up to 10 faculty-led interdisciplinary research projects and will provide funding to the students to perform research-related duties. Students selected as DSI Scholars will receive a stipend to support their living expenses while conducting research.

DSI Scholars projects are selected three times a year: Spring, Summer and Fall. See below for key dates. 

Term Project Duration Faculty Application Dates Student Application Dates Student Interviews
Spring January – May Closed Closed
Summer June – August Closed Closed
Fall September – December Opens: April
Closes: April 29, 2024
Opens: May 20, 2024
Closes: June 3, 2024
June 17 – June 28

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Visualizing DSI’s Reach Across Columbia via the DSI Scholars Program

The DSI Scholars program reflects the Data Science Institute’s position as the driving force of interdisciplinary data science innovation on campus. Since its launch in 2018, more than 131 DSI Scholars projects have been completed, representing collaborations between faculty from 57 different departments and students in 11 different schools. 

DSI is home to 400+ affiliated faculty members working across virtually every domain, including finance, healthcare, climate, and the social sciences. Students who participate in the DSI Scholars program have the opportunity to explore new topics and understand the far-reaching impacts of data science under the mentorship of esteemed faculty working on some of the most important research questions we face in society today.  

A group of DSI’s Masters in Data Science students prepared powerful data visualizations of the many DSI Scholars projects formed throughout the program’s history (pictured below). This project demonstrates how unique the program is, and emphasizes the value it brings to Columbia — it allows researchers from broader disciplines to collaborate with technical experts, strengthening access to data science education for all.

Credit: Woomy Michel, Imani Maliti, and Dillon Sparks, (MS. Data Science ‘24) 
Faculty advisor: Joyce Robbins, Department of Statistics