About Us

The Data Science Institute Student Council (DSISC) was originally formed to advocate for the students of DSI. Over the years, it has evolved into a community, working towards improving DSI students’ experience at Columbia. Now, the agenda of the council is multifold: (i) to serve as representatives of DSI students by gauging their needs and addressing them and/or bringing them to the attention of those who can, (ii) encourage a sense of community among the students through social mixers and/or technical events, (iii) support the technical advancement of students by providing necessary resources, (iv) build a stronger and better connected alumni network.

Meet the Board and Members

Full Name Role Pronouns Email LinkedIn
Shaurya Malik President He/Him/His sm4969@columbia.edu Click Here
Abhishek Sinha Secretary He/Him/They/Them ads2251@columbia.edu Click Here
Tomislav Galjanic Treasurer He/His tg2748@columbia.edu Click Here
Rahul Agarwal Voting Member He/Him/His ra3097@columbia.edu Click Here
Keertan Krishnan Voting Member He/Him/His kk3446@columbia.edu Click Here
Kevia Qu Voting Member She/Her/Hers kq2153@columbia.edu Click Here
Brian Hernandez Voting Member He/Him/His bmh2168@columbia.edu Click Here
Chelsea Cui Voting Member She/Her/Hers ac4788@columbia.edu Click Here
Jiayin Lin Voting Member He/Him/His jl5802@columbia.edu Click Here
Jingyi An Voting Member She/Her/Hers ja3494@columbia.edu Click Here
Yifei Chen Voting Member She/Her/Hers yc3832@columbia.edu Click Here
Dashansh Prajapati Voting Member He/Him/His dp3085@columbia.edu Click Here
Rahul Subramaniam Voting Member He/Him/His rs4128@columbia.edu Click Here
Kassie Papasotiriou Voting Member She/Her/Hers kp2535@columbia.edu Click Here


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Contact Us

Please get in touch with us at dsi-studentcouncil@columbia.edu