Do you need a data scientist to support your research?

Whether you’re exploring ancient texts, image and sound libraries, public documents, genomes, chromatographs, bond yields, or social media interactions, the Data Science Institute at Columbia University aims to connect faculty and researchers to a talented pool of data scientist experts available to help extract meaning and value from your datasets.

We support projects across campus, including COVID-19-related research initiatives, and can evaluate your dataset, categorize its elements, and apply advanced statistics and algorithms to analyze your data and extract valuable insights. We can also help with the ever-present “I-simply-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-all-this-data” challenge.

Complete the form below to connect with Columbia’s talented pool of data science experts for both short-term, discrete projects and ongoing, complex work. A DSI researcher will respond in three to five business days once you have submitted your request. Please include as much information about your project as possible, but note that the content you submit will be shared and should be regarded as public information. Do not include any proprietary or private details.

Note: The information you submit will be shared with our students and should be regarded as public information.

Please do not include any details that constitute proprietary or private information.

If you are from an institution outside of Columbia and are looking to hire students and graduates, please visit Hire a DSI Student.