Data Science Institute (DSI) Logo

The DSI logo comes in two configurations: primary (horizontal) and stacked (vertical). The stacked logo is reserved for use on merchandise or on the web when space is limited. If you would like to request a copy of the logo, please contact DSI Communications.

The logo is available in two colorways: blue and white. Although we strongly advise using only the approved colorways, there are creative contexts in which alternative colorations may be appropriate.

Sub-brands are customized marks that identify DSI members, affiliates, initiatives, programs, events, or publications and are available by request. Please contact DSI Communications to discuss any proposed sub-brands. 

The logo and Data for Good tagline lock-up form a single unit. The elements may not be rearranged or the relationship altered in any way. This lock-up is only intended for use by the DSI community. 

To ensure the logo’s integrity, do not crowd it with typography, imagery, or any other elements within 20 pixels on the web.


Proxima Nova Condensed | Bold
This is the preferred font for all titles and the primary title should be all caps.

Proxima Nova Condensed | Medium
This is the preferred font for all body text and can be mixed case. Secondary titles can also use this version of the font in all caps.

Arial | Bold
If Proxima Nova is not available, use Arial Bold in all caps for primary titles.

Arial | Regular
If Proxima Nova is not available, use Arial Regular for all body text and secondary titles in all caps


Always use the following colors as noted when creating any material that bears the DSI logo.

For Titles and Body Text
Blue: Hex #000D74 | RGB: 0, 13, 116 or Black: Hex #000000 | RGB: 0, 0, 0
(Once a color has been chosen, use it consistently)

Blue #000D74

Black #000000

Secondary Blue to Highlight
Light Blue: Hex #B9D9EB | RGB: 185, 217, 235

Light Blue #B9D9EB

Buttons and Additional Highlights
Orange: Hex #FF6A17 | RGB: 255, 106, 23

Orange #FF6A17

Zoom Background

Click the image below and then right-click Save As to download to your device.

niversity Data Science Institute zoom background