We are pleased to offer executive education programs in partnership with the Center for Technology Management (CTM) to provide industry leaders with a better understanding of how to design and manage data science applications in their organizations. CTM’s more than 260 industry mentors and practice instructors combined with DSI’s 350+ leading research faculty provide a unique blend of insights into the role data plays in business.

Course topics typically focus on: best practices from industry leaders who are using data science effectively at their firms; current state of the art applications of data science; and how data science is transforming the ways businesses form strategies and manage operations in a competitive global economy. Our data science executive education is geared to advise leaders from multiple industries, fields, professions, and sectors on how to responsibly use data to evolve the ways in which business occurs in our society.

Executive Workshops

Our executive workshops are tailored for board members, C-level executives and directors to support the development of transformational digital strategies for their firms


Management Workshops

Our management workshops are geared for first line managers who design the organizational structures necessary to implement new procedures and processes and deliver results. 


College and University Programs

Our college and university programs are one-week experiences for graduate-level students to integrate theory and practice and include field visits with leading companies.   


Mentor-Led Management Programs

Our mentor-led management programs allow directors and managers to integrate learning with actual work projects. Participants select a strategic project that needs to be delivered within the next six months, typically strategy plans for new digital solutions. 


edX, Data Science for Executives

This professional certificate program offers insights into the latest data science tools and their application in finance, health care, product development, sales, and more. With real world examples, we demonstrate how data science can improve corporate decision-making and performance and advance your career goals.