Executive in Residence

The Data Science Institute (DSI) is collaborating with the Partnership for Public Service to drive innovative approaches and best practices for management of an ambitious data and insights strategy in the public sector. The grant-funded position of Executive in Residence will report to the Director of DSI and will lay the groundwork for a joint initiative to strengthen government’s data science talent pipelines, empower federal leaders to develop a strong data culture, and build problem solving networks across government and academia. Candidates will be expected to spend time on the Columbia campus in New York City and at the Partnership for Public Service office in Washington, D.C. This individual must have a multidisciplinary background spanning academia and public service, and a thorough understanding of challenges, limitations, and opportunities associated with federal data. Apply Here

Research Scientists

Translational Research Scientist

You will be a resident expert and foster collaborations with the world-class faculty across all the schools at Columbia University, including Arts and Sciences, Business, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Journalism, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Social Work. This researcher will guide, plan, and execute data science research and technological innovation to address societal challenges and other related University-wide initiatives, and you will be encouraged to pursue your own research interests in data science. We are open to candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, in particular candidates with knowledge of artificial intelligence, computer vision, computing systems, machine learning, natural language processing, optimization, and statistics. Apply Here

Foundational Research Scientist

We invite applications for highly qualified researchers who have strong, distinctive research agendas or the potential to create them, and whose strengths complement our existing or emerging research in data science foundations and domain applications. We are open to candidates from a wide range of backgrounds, but especially candidates with a strong technical background in areas such as artificial intelligence, causal reasoning, machine learning, natural language processing, optimization, security and privacy, and statistics. Apply Here

Herbert and Florence Irving Cancer Research Data Scientists

We invite applications for research scientists at all levels—Associate Research Scientist, Research Scientist, and Senior Research Scientist—to serve as resident experts in data science whose research interests are specifically focused on advancing and applying data science to understanding cancer. You will foster collaborations with world-class faculty across Columbia’s schools, centers, and institutes to guide, plan, and execute data science research and technological innovation in cancer-related research. Apply Here

Postdoctoral Researchers

Data Science Institute 2022 Postdoctoral Cohort

We invite applications for the 2022 cohort of the DSI Postdoctoral Fellows Program, which produces next-generation leaders in data science. Fellows produce independent and novel research in an environment that fosters multi-disciplinary, collaborative research. Apply Here

Data and Cancer Collaboratory Postdoctoral Research Scientist

The recipient of this two-year research position will be embedded in a Columbia University Irving Medical Center cancer tumor board, an interdisciplinary board of clinicians reviewing plans of care for complex cancer tumor cases using state-of-the-art genomic, imaging analysis, and natural language processing where appropriate. Apply Here

Digital Identity Postdoctoral Research Scientist

This postdoc will work on new methods for scalable and privacy-respecting digital identity systems, evaluate existing digital identity proposals, identify gaps in capabilities, develop new components of identity systems, work with external stakeholders and experts in privacy and international development, and prototype digital identity components or systems. Apply Here

Sloan Postdoctoral Research Scientist

This project entitled “Specifying Trust Properties for AI Systems” is looking for a postdoctoral researcher interested in providing a formal characterization of desired trust properties of AI systems. The project is expected to involve both theoretical and empirical investigations and is funded by a new grant awarded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Apply Here

Other Positions

Digital Identity Staff Associate

This role will work on new methods for scalable and privacy-respecting digital identity systems. These systems will provide digital identities suitable for low-infrastructure environments, used to facilitate access to resources such as medical care, education and food assistance. Apply Here

Research Software Engineer

The role will develop and engineer algorithms, languages, and systems for causal probabilistic programming. You will work at the cutting edge of probabilistic programming, causal inference, program synthesis, and machine learning. Apply Here