Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi joined the Department of Computer Science as a Lecturer in Discipline in July 2015. Ansaf received her PhD in Computer Science from University of Orleans, France in 2003, after which she pursued her training as a postdoctoral fellow at INRIA, Rennes (France). She was appointed as an Associate Research Scientist at the Columbia University’s Center for Computational Learning Systems in 2006 and served as an adjunct professor with the Computer Science department and the Data Science Institute in 2014 and 2015.

Ansaf’s research interests lie in machine learning and data science. She has done research on frequent patterns mining, rule learning, and action recommendation and has worked on data science projects including geographic information systems and machine learning for the power grid. Her current research interest includes crowd sourcing, medical informatics and educational data mining. Ansaf has published several peer-reviewed papers in top quality venues including JMLR, TPAMI, ECML, PKDD, COLT, IJCAI, ECAI and AISTAT.

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