David Yao joined the IEOR Department in 1983, and became a full professor in 1988. He has been an IEEE fellow, and a recipient of many awards, including the Outstanding Paper Prize (2003) from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the Franz Edelman Award (1999) from the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences, the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award (1999) from IBM, the Guggenheim Fellowship (1991/92) from the Guggenheim Foundation, the Presidential Young Investigator Award (1987-92) from the National Science Foundation, and the George Nicholson Prize (1983) from the Operations Research Society of America.

Author or coauthor of over 160 refereed publications, three books, and five edited volumes, he is the stochastic models area editor of Operations Research, and has served on the editorial board of several other leading journals. A principal investigator of over two dozen research grants and contracts, he has done extensive scientific and consulting work in semiconductor manufacturing, computer systems scheduling, Internet and Web-server performance optimization, and supply chain management. He is a holder of four U.S. patents in manufacturing operations and supply-chain logistics.


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