Dr. Frank Provenzano PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology and the Taub Institute at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. He received his BS, MS, MPhil and PhD at Columbia University in Biomedical Engineering. His lab focus is on neuroimaging derived biomarkers using both research and clinically acquired datasets. He developed methods to interrogate the subfields of the hippocampus using non-BOLD fMRI, a region implicated in psychosis, cognitive aging and Alzheimer’s disease. His work has expanded to focus on both PET and MRI imaging techniques to appreciate structural and functional changes across a variety of diseases, including PTSD, Lewy Body Dementia, schizophrenia, tuberous sclerosis complex, among others. Much of the lab’s research focuses on the harmonization and curation of large neuroimaging datasets and methods of statistical machine learning to evaluate them. He currently heads epilepsy post-processing imaging, is a member of the biomarker core of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and a co-investigator of the Multiple Sclerosis Brain Bank.