Explore the latest data and engineering research from the Columbia University community. Poster Sessions bring together DSI centers, members, and Columbia students to exhibit new projects.

Hosted by the DSI Cybersecurity Center

The DSI Cybersecurity Center is dedicated to developing the capacity for keeping data secure and private throughout its lifetime. The center brings together and builds upon the research of the departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and the work of the Columbia Business School, among others. By way of example, Columbia start-ups such as CellRox have launched based on technology related to digital security. Learn More.

Event Details

Wednesday, February 1, 2023 (5:30 PM – 7:00 PM ET) – In-Person Only

Location: Mudd 407 – DSI Suite – (Campus Level – 4th Floor) – 500 W 120th St, New York, NY 10027


List of Posters

P01: Creating an Enforceable Mechanism for Measuring Security Effort

  • Researcher: Adam Hastings
  • Faculty Advisor: Simha Sethumadhavan

P02: CYsyphus – The Cybersecurity Policy Recommendation Tool

  • Researchers: Jason Healey, Jennifer Lake, Sarthak Bhargava, Sunjana Chintala, Angela Mary Woodall

P03: Timeloops: Automatic Security Policy Generation

  • Researchers: Meghna Pancholi, Andreas Kellas
  • Faculty Advisor: Simha Sethumadhavan

P04: Creating an Interface for Understanding Changes in Published Text

  • Researchers: Bernat Ivancsics, Dessa Gerger, Camille Nait Abdesellam
  • Faculty Advisor: Susan McGregor

P05: The Thompson Sampling Algorithm itself is Differentially Private

  • Researcher: Tingting Ou
  • Faculty Advisors: Rachel Cummings, Marco Avella-Medina

P06: Differentially Private Synthetic Control

  • Researcher: Saeyoung Rho
  • Faculty Advisors: Vishal Misra; Rachel Cummings (IEOR)

P07: Identification of Intraday False Data Injection Attack on DER Dispatch Signals

  • Researchers: Jip Kim, Yiqian Wu, Siddharth Bhela
  • Faculty Advisors: James Anderson, Gil Zussman

P08: Differentially Private Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique

  • Researchers: Ethan Turok
  • Faculty Advisors: Rachel Cummings