Dr. Mengqi (Ann) Shen is a Data and Cancer Collaboratory Postdoctoral Research Scientist. From an early age, she envisioned an inclusive society where well-being and good health are guaranteed for all individuals. Driven by her lifelong commitment, she currently works in collaboration with Professor Yading Yuan, and Tumor Board Clinician mentors, Dr. Dawn Hershman and Dr. Meghna Trivedi.

Dr. Shen’s research at the Data Science Institute focuses on advancing and providing data science expertise, data-driven evidence, and data science decision-making and modeling in cancer patient review and treatment. Her commitment to her vision also extends to the exploration of large datasets in public health and personal healthcare monitoring.

Before joining Columbia University in February 2024, Dr. Shen earned her Ph.D. degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech, focusing on explainable and robust data-driven machine learning methods for digital healthcare monitoring. She also completed her bachelor’s (with honors) and Master’s (via direct-entry for top students) in Engineering Mechanics from Dalian University of Technology.