New Media

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Mark Hansen, Journalism

Owen Rambow, Center for Computational Learning Systems (co-chair)
Peter Bearman, Sociology
Augustin Chaintreau, Computer Science
Matthew Connelly, History
Dan Ellis, Electrical Engineering
Laura Kurgan, Architecture
Gary Natriello, Sociology

Affiliated Members
Peter Allen, Computer Science
Asim Ansari, Business/Marketing
Eva Ascarza, Business/Marketing
Omar Besbes, Business/Decision, Risk, and Operations
Shih-Fu Chang, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Michael Collins, Computer Science
Steven Feiner, Computer Science
Luis Gravano, Computer Science
Eitan Grinspun, Computer Science
William Grueskin, Journalism
Nizar Habash, Center for Computational Learning Systems
Julia Hirschberg, Computer Science
John R. Kender, Computer Science
Bruce M. Kogut, Business
Smaranda Muresan, Center for Computational Learning Systems
Suresh Naidu, Economics
Shree K. Nayar, Computer Science
David K. Park, Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy
Rebecca J. Passonneau, Center for Computational Learning Systems
Dan Rubenstein, Computer Science
Henning Schulzrinne, Computer Science
Dennis Tenen, English and Comparative Literature
Duy Linh Tu, Journalism
John Wright, Electrical Engineering

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