Foundations of Data Science

Foundations of Data Science

To support and amplify the study of five specific markets – Cybersecurity, Financial Analytics, Health Analytics, New Media and Smart Cities, which all lie at the center of New York City's innovation economy, the Institute also will conduct core research on problems that cut across the data sciences and engineering. The research will focus on formal and mathematical models for data processing, as well as on issues concerning the engineering of large-scale data processing systems.


Tian Zheng, Statistics (Chair)
John Wright, Electrical Engineering (Co-Chair)
Daniel Hsu, Computer Science
Kenneth Ross, Computer Science
Rocco A. Servedio, Computer Science
Jay Sethuraman, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Venkat Venkatasubramanian, Chemical Engineering


Shipra Agrawal, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Peter Allen, Computer Science
Dimitris Anastassiou, Electrical Engineering
Alexandr Andoni, Computer Science
Asim Ansari, Business/Marketing
Eva Ascarza, Business/Marketing
Guillaume Bal, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Imre Bartos, Astrophysics Lab
Emanuel Ben-David, Statistics
David Blei, Computer Science and Statistics
DuBois Bowman, Biostatistics
Michael P. Burke, Mechanical Engineering
Luca Carloni, Computer Science
Bob Carpenter, Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy
Shih-Fu Chang, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Robert S. Chen, Center for International Earth Science Information Network
Michael Collins, Computer Science
John Patrick Cunningham, Statistics
Qiang Du, Applied Mathematics
Steven Ellis, Columbia Psychiatry
Adam Elmachtoub, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Andrew Gelman, Statistics and Political Science
Javad Ghaderi, Electrical Engineering
Donald Goldfarb, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Jeff Goldsmith, Biostatistics
Vineet Goyal, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Luis Gravano, Computer Science
Lauren Hannah, Statistics
Xiaofu He, Psychiatry
Tony Jebara, Computer Science
Matthew Jones, History
Soulaymane Kachani, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Yash Kanoria, Business/Decision, Risk and Operations
David Keyes, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Upmanu Lall, Earth and Environmental Engineering
Aurel A. Lazar, Electrical Engineering
Donald R. Lemma, Business
David Madigan, Statistics
Arian Maleki, Statistics
Tal Malkin, Computer Science
Szabolcs Marka, Astrophysics Lab
Nicholas Maxemchuk, Electrical Engineering
Kathleen McKeown, Computer Science
Christoph Meinrenken, Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy
Ciamac Moallemi, Business/Decision, Risk, and Operations
Steven M. Nowick, Computer Science
Peter Orbanz, Statistics
John Paisley, Electrical Engineering
Liam Paninski, Statistics
Dana Pe’er, Biology
Itsik Pe’er, Computer Science
Dan Rubenstein, Computer Science
Paul Sajda, Biomedical Engineering and Radiology
Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi, Center for Computational Learning Systems
Clifford Stein, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Nicholas Tatonetti, Biomedical Informatics
Vladimir Vapnik, Computer Science
Yuanjia Wang, Biostatistics
Ying Wei, Biostatistics
Chris Wiggins, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
Jeannette Wing, Computer Science
Junfeng Yang, Computer Science
Mihalis Yannakakis, Computer Science
Rafael Yuste, Biological Sciences
Chaolin Zhang, Systems Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Yuan Zhong, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Jose Zubizarreta, Business/Decision, Risk, and Operations
Gil Zussman, Electrical Engineering

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